Non-state secondary school of general education «Pascal Lyceum» was established in 1997.

The purpose of the school is to bring up independent personalities, to develop their talents and build confidence in their abilities.  

The most updated our effective teaching techniques are used at the lessons.

The primary goal of the teachers is to provide high educational standards via comfortable process of tuition.

Leading ideas of the school are

·         encyclopedic ideas;

·         aspiration to informative search;

·         individual right of a child to have an education according to his/her individual abilities;

·         recognition of interests of the child, support of his/her successes and giving possibilities for self-realization;

·          upbringing of high morals and patriotism;

·         collective coauthorship of the teachers, students and parents in all spheres of school life.

The school is oriented to the high level of education which develops talents and abilities in cognitive sphere, self-realization in scientific and communication spheres, preparation   for creativity.

The educational process of our school has personal character. We have all the conditions to develop each child according to his/her abilities.

The reception of the children is carried from the 1st to the 11th class. In average there are 10-14 people in a class. The school has all the modern facilities, including a computer class, learning and methodical materials.

After classes there are individual lessons on different subjects, leisure activities and excursions. We have open lessons, conferences, festivals, games, exhibitions.

Annually students take part in district and city Olympiads, taking prize-winning places in English, Russian and Literature, History, Geography, mathematical game “Kangaroo” and the All Russia game “Russian Baby Bear”.

 Each year students successfully pass Cambridge Exams: YLE, KET, PET, FCE.

Much attention is paid to foreign languages and mathematics.

A psychologist and a logopedist are working at school. The psychologist carries out diagnostics of cognitive activity and social adaptation of students to school.

There is individual work with students, parents’ consultations, lessons on psychology based on programmes set up by RGPY named after A.I.Gertsen.

There is creative and highly-qualified team of teachers, whose average age is 40. There are 24 teachers, a psychologist and a logopedist.

92% of teachers have higher education, 8% - vocational education.

The reception terms:

the 1st class is from 6, 5 years old  and based on interview;

students of the  2nd-4th classes are to have a test on the Russian language, Mathematics, and interview in English;

students of the 5-11 classes are to have a test on the Russian language, Mathematics, and English.


The Headmaster

Nikolaeva Ekaterina Mikhailovna


A № 081419 from 15.12.2005


AA № 160073 from 30.05.2007


194156 St.Petersburg, 8 Parkhomenko Pr.







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